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The Vakil Bazaar in Shiraz is one of the best of the late Zand era monuments(1758-1779). The bazaar is located in the city center and has always been the business quarter. It comprises arched alcoves with wide platforms in between, and seventy-four high and well-proportioned arches sustaining the roof, and there is a high doomed crossing where the east and west bazaars diverge from the main bazaar.

Several of the main arches, and a number of intervening alcoves of the Vakil Bazaar, which were used as shops, were demolished when the Zand avenue was extended eastwards. The different parts of the bazaar have got their own special names, depending on the type of trade and the type of goods sold in that portion of the bazaar. Here silversmiths and jewelers still ply their trades, and exquisite inlay work, Iranian carpets, tribal hand-woven items, and other traditional Iranian handicrafts may be purchased.At the bottom of the Vakil Bazaar is the Moshir Serai, which was built in typical courtyard plan, with rooms on two levels, and orange trees and a pool in the center. Like other Middle Eastern Bazaars there are a few numbers of mosques and holy shrine constructed adjacent or behind the Bazaar.

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