Tochal mountain Mountain

Tochal mountain and ski resort

Tochal Mountain of Tehran is in the Alborz range with a ski resort adjacent to metropolitan Tehran. The mountain has a 12 km long ridgeline. The highest peak, also called Mount Tochal, is at an elevation of 3,933 m (13,005 feet). The ridge line is a popular recreational region for Tehran’s residents. A gondola lift, named Tochal Telecabin, runs from Tehran to the Tochal Ski Resort and the modern Tochal Hotel, all as a part of Tochal Complex. This gondola lift is used for accessing ski resorts and other recreational centers on the mountain. The gondola lift has four stations:

Station 1 is at an elevation of 1900m and located at the beginning of Velenjak valley (end of Velenjak Street). Parking, inns and some other facilities are available.

Station 2 is at 2400m and has very limited facilities.

Station 5 is at 2935m. There is a restaurant and a rescue center. This station is in the middle of one of the ski slopes (open mid winter only). This station is also accessible through several climbing paths like Shirpala shelter, Osoon valley and Palang-chal shelter.

Station 7 is at 3740m and very close to the Tochal main ridge. It is the last station of the gondola lift. This station is in the middle of the Tochal ski slope. The Tochal main peak is 30 minutes walk from this point. This station is also reachable from Hezar-cham climbing path from Station 5.