Siosepol Bridge

Siosepol Bridge historical bridge Landscapes

Siosepol, Bridge of Chaharbagh and also the Allah-Verdi Khan Bridge, is one of the eleven bridges of Isfahan and the longest bridge on Zayandeh River. It is highly ranked as being one of the most famous examples of Safavid bridge designs. According to some historical references concerning the buildings constructed during Shah Abbas in Isfahan, it is so conceived that the construction work of this bridge was completed concurrent with the construction of Chahar Bagh in 1596.The bridge is made of bricks and stones. It consists of two rows of 33 arches from either sides, left and right with the total length of 297.76 meters (976.9 ft) and 13.75 meters wide. There is a larger base plank at the start of the bridge where the Zayandeh River flows under it, supporting a tea house which nowadays is abandoned due to the shortage of water and the river drought. Typical of the bridges of Isfahan, 33 Pol was designed as a social and contemplative space and not just a transportation structure. The bridge acted as a springboard for the development of the Khaju Bridge some 50 years later.

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