Shahcheragh Mausoleum

Shahcheragh Mausoleum holy shrine

Shah Cheragh is the name of a holy place and a funerary monument in Shiraz. In fact, Shah Cheragh is the tomb of Mir Seyyed Ahmad nicknamed Shah Cheragh, son of Imam Mūsā al-Kādhim, the seventh Imam of Shia. The two took refuge in the city during the Abbasid persecution of Shia Muslims. The brothers’ tombs were built in the 12th century by the chief minister to the monarch Atabeg Abu Sa’id Zangi, who also built the tomb chamber, the dome, as well as a colonnaded porch. The tombs became celebrated pilgrimage centres in the 14th century when Queen Tashi Khatun erected a mosque and theological school in the vicinity. The dome and shrine of this building have beautiful mosaic and tiles that attracts the attention of every visitor and pilgrim. The entrance is guarded by a heavy door, plated with gold and enamel with a glass panel at its center. The pilgrims kiss and fondle the door as they enter. Also, inside the shrine is decorated with colorful tiny mirror works, unique stucco, and beautiful and artistic cornice. One of the other features of the building is the wooden structure of the ceiling of the terrace and the writing of the holy names on them. In the center, under the dome, lies the tomb of Seyed Mir Ahmad. The marble tombstone, topped with a wide, low lacquer box inlaid structure is surrounded by finely engraved silver with glass openings showing the inside. Verses from the Quran are written in gold letters on a blue background, and flowers are inlaid or carved into the metal. In another corner lies the tomb of Mir Muhammad that looks the same but much smaller than the tomb of his elder brother. There is a huge pond in the middle of the yard which is made of porcelain from the mines of Neyriz.
This building has been constructed in the 6th century of Islamic calender and at the time of Atabakan-e-fars. There is also museum and the library of the Shrine of ShahCheragh in this complex. It should be noted that in this place there is a part called International relations which has the task of offering services and introducing this place to the foreign tourists

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