Savalan Mountains

Savalan Mountains Mountain

Savalan or Sabalan, with a height of 4811 m, is an inactive volcano in Ardabil province of northwestern Iran. It is the third highest mountain in Iran and has a permanent crater lake formed at its summit.According to some beliefs, the Mount Savalan (Sabalan) was the place where Zoroaster meditated for some years; so Mt. Savalan is one of the important sacred places in Zoroastrianism. The Savalan Mountains consists of three major Mounts:  the main mount or the volcano mount (the Soltan Savalan mount) is the area with the highest altitude in Azerbaijan; the two other mounts are called Horm and Kasra.

The climbing surface includes rocks of various sizes and a moderate degree of fitness is required to climb it. The climb from the base camp starts easy becomes challenging mid way, then eases in gradient near the top. The lake on the top remains frozen except for about four weeks in late July to early August. Savalan has a ski resort (Alvares) and different tourist areas such as the Sarein spa. The mountain is known for its beautiful vistas, including the Shirvan gorge, where few climbers ever venture.

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