Sardar Bozorg Ancient Water reservoir

Sardar Bozorg Ancient Water reservoir historical structure

Qazvin is known to have had close to, or in excess of 100 drinking water reservoirs called ab anbars  before modernization in the 20th century.

Only ten remain fully intact today. All are protected as national cultural heritage relics. One of the important Ab Anbars in Qazvin is Sardar e Bozorg, Two brothers by the names of Mohammad Hasan Khan and Mohammad Hosein Qoli Khan e Sardar who were commanders of The Qajar monarch Fath-ali shah’s army make a vow to build a mosque, school, and ab anbar in the driest part of the city they return victorious from a battle against the Russian army.

This Ab Anbar was finished in 1812 (1227 AH lunar). Its walls are 3 meters thick.

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