Saheb ol-Amr mosque

Saheb ol-Amr mosque Mosques Museums

At the bazaar’s northeast corner, the well-proportioned former Saheb ol-Amr Mosque now houses a Quran Museum The  building  was  built  during the region of Safavid Shah  Tahmasb ( 17th century ). This glorious and firm structure is the first royal mosque of safavid king Tahmaseb built in 984AH. It  was  destroyed by Soltan  Morad  IV  and  then  it  was  rebuilt   by  Mirza Mohammad Abraham. The mausoleum was destroyed in  the 1766 earthquake (1193 A.H ).  later  it was reconstructed  by Jafar Goli  Kha  Danbaly  in 1781. Quran & Manuscript Museum  was established in this Mausoleum in 2001.

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