Saad abad palace Museums

saad abad palace

There is perhaps no better place to see the lifestyle of the ‘Last Shah’ than the Sa’dabad Palace Complex. Perched on approximately 110 hectares of spectacular mountainside parkland above Tehran Iran, the complex was a royal summer residence during the Pahlavi period.

Sa’dabad Palace Complex Tehran was originally established under the Qajar rule in the 19th century as their summer retreat. But during the Pahlavi era, northern Tehran transformed with it’s largest period of growth turning pastures and hilltops into wealthy suburbs. The palace complex has since been converted into many museums after the Iranian Revolution, housing diverse royal treasures and their related stories, making for a pleasant half day around the extensive park.

You’ll need approximately 3 hours minimum to see the main sights, but you could spend a whole day in the parklands.

Main Buildings at Sa’dabad Palace Complex

The Sa’dabad Palace Complex has 18 Houses remaining from Qajari and Pahlavi era. The better museums are highlighted.

  1. Ahmad Shahi House (currently Women’s Basij)
  2. Green House (currently Sabz or Shahvand House)
  3. White House (currently Mellat Museum, residence of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and Farah Diba)
  4. Museum of Natural History (currently special House by Presidential Office)
  5. Black House (currently Fine and Visual Arts Museum)
  6. House of Shams (currently Museum of Anthropology)
  7. House of Ashraf (currently Glassware and Handicrafts Museum)
  8. House of Gholam Reza Pahlavi (currently Government Agency Building 36)
  9. House of the Mother Queen (currently Presidential Office)
  10. House of Ahmad Reza Pahlavi son of Reza Shah (currently Government Agency)
  11. House of Abdol Reza son of Reza Shah (currently Administration Complex)
  12. Bahman Pahlavi son of Gholamreza (currently Training Centre)
  13. House of Shahram (currently Military Museum)
  14. House of Faradeh Ghotbi mother of Farah Diba (currently Museum of Artistic Creations)
  15. House of Reza Pahlavi (currently Museum of Behzad)
  16. House of Reza Pahlavi (currently Museum of Dafineh)
  17. House of Farahnaz and Ali Reza Pahlavi (currently Emad Museum)
  18. House of Leila Pahlavi (currently Abkar Museum)