Rakhtshooy Khaneh

Rakhtshooy Khaneh historical place historical structure Museums

The Rakhtshooy Khaneh (PER: a place to do the laundry) complex is located in the old parts of Zanjan city near Saadi and Davoudgholi street, in the Farhang alley.The complex was built in 1976 by two brothers Called “Esmayil” and “Akbar” who designed and executed the plan themselves.In the past it was free for people to come to this complex and to wash their clothes here using the different facilities. It was managed by the municipality. Actually the idea was to create a safe place for women to do the laundry.

The structure consists of parts such as: Janitor’s House, the water reservoir and the washing hall. The water reservoir could keep a maximum of 740 Cubic meters of water. The washing hall has an interesting design as there are many calotes with 5 holes on each, holes which are used to let the enough light into the Rakhtshooy Khaneh.Similar holes also exist in the walls. A lot of stone water ponds have been provided, and a specific canal takes away the used water.Since 1998 the complex has changed into an anthropological museum, in which traditional costumes, jewelery and some old appliances are on display making it the most important museum in Zanjan.

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