Rabe rashidi complex

Rabe rashidi complex Museums National Heritages

Rabe Rashidi has a large collection of academics and residents  in the North West of Iran which return to Mughul patriarch periods. It was built in AH 8 century by Rashid al-Din Fadlallah in the government center of Tabriz. Based on proofs, Rashidabad city consist of two separate parts: Rabe Rashidi as one part and Rashidi city as the other part. Rube Rashidi as a castle was located in the central part of the city and it has some functions such as educational, religious and therapeutic. In order to achieve themain purpose of this paper, a reflection was made on the historical University of Rashidi city in ancient Tabriz region. Therefore, in the first stage of this paper, the physical system of Rashidi city was studied. Results showed that Rashidi city is formed from different sectors and important city elements like: markets, mercers, bathrooms, Mosques, and the paper and paint factory located on it.

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