Pirnia House (Naein Museum)

Pirnia House (Naein Museum) historical houses Museums

Pirnia Traditional House is a perfect example of this region’s desert houses in terms of architecture and art and was constructed in the Safavid Period. First, a judge of Naein lived there. Then, during the Qajar dynasty the house belonged to a governor of Naein. Just a few decades ago, the house was purchased by the Ministry of Culture and Art.The house consists of an exterior, an interior, a deep garden, a silo room and all of the facilities that a lord’s house needed to have at the time it was constructed. After the first corridor from main entrance, there is an octagonal room called “hashti”, which used to be a waiting room for clients and visitors. After renovation in 1994, the house was converted into the Desert Ethnology Museum. Beautiful paintings, amazing plasterwork of Quranic stories, a book of famous poems and exquisite calligraphy are among the museum objects that can be seen in the living room.

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