Monarjonban historical structure

Menar Jonban or the Swinging Minarets are each nine meters wide and 16 meters high. These minarets were added to the mausoleum of 14th century mystic Amu Abdoullah Soqlabi. The main attraction of these minarets is that when one is shaken the other begins to swing and the vibrations can be felt throughout the structure. This structure and its system still remain of wonder to architects and engineers around the world. Shaking Minarets was built in 1316 during Ilkhanid period. Each minaret is about six meters tall and the arch’s width is about ten meters.  What makes this building a wonder is the fact that the minarets on top of this building would shake side to side for up to a 10 inches to each side, and it would also shake the second minaret at the same paste. The summit of each minaret has small open arches. It is very famous because one can shake not only the minarets, but also the whole Ivan and the vault. Unfortunately there has been damages done to this structure that has resulted in the disconnection of the shaking mechanism. The two minarets no longer shake at the same time. Many believe this is due to rapid and aggressive shaking taking place during the holidays in high traffic of tourists. Some believe the main damage has been done when the British archaeologist tried to find what mechanism lies inside the structure. The minarets were designed by polymath Sheikh Baha’i.

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