Milad tower of tehran

Dominating the skyline of Tehran’s western suburbs, Milad Tower in Tehran Iran finally opened in 2008 after the 1979 Islamic Revolution and 13 years of ‘stop-start’ construction. The tower is a multi-purpose tower in Tehran, bearing a striking resemblance to Toronto’s CN Tower, with the octagonal concrete tube tapering slightly up to a 12 floor pod. The pod is home to an observation deck, a revolving restaurant, a ‘sky dome’ and various TV, radio and traffic control systems.

Whether you visit the Milad Tower when you’re in Tehran or not depends largely on the weather; on a rare clear day the views are fantastic, but otherwise probably not.

The Milad Tower in Tehran stands at 435m high (1,427 ft), including 120m of antenna, and the pod roof level is at 315 m (1,033 ft). In 2012 it was the world’s sixth-tallest freestanding tower and the 17th tallest freestanding structure in the world. Authorities insist the tower is built to withstand a large earthquake.

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