Dowlat abad Garden of Yazd

Dowlat abad garden is one of the biggest Gardens in Iran, containing the tallest known wind tower (Badgir) and some other buildings including the mirror hall, Behesht ayin edifice, Harem building, Sabbat, Ab anbar, summer stable and winter stable, aqueduct ( called Qanat ), pools and ….. built on a 40000 square meters land. The aqueduct inside this garden is made up of a joint 5 other aqueducts aging over 200 years flowing around 50 KM towards Yazd operating some wind mills and watering some villages but at the moment the garden is being watered by a well beside the garden. This complex was made by the order of Mohammad Taghi khan known as the great khan of Yazd khavanin dynasty. He first made the 65 Km aqueduct flowing from Mehriz to Yazd and the current location of the garden and later built his governmental complex ( Dar ol hukumeh ). The garden area is covered with grape and pomegranate trees.

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