Is it safe to travel to Iran?

Is it safe to go there? Truth be told, this question is what lots of people got in their mind as Iran is located in the middle East, what a scary word ha? Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan all just so complicated lets forget about that part of the planet, right? well our suggestion is not to. Middle east is unfortunately facing a series of troubles, war and …. but is it enough to scape all the countries in this region? If we say there is only one or two countries yes, but that is a big IF.

While Iran is located in the middle East, unlike its western neighbor Iraq which happened to have quite a similar name and eastern one Afghanistan, it is considered one of the safest destinations to travel. No explosions, no ISIS and believe us no one is wearing guns walking in the street looking for someone who is not Muslim to shoot and no bomb belts too.

Based on your nationality there are some points which you have to pay attention. Iran like any other country in the world, has its own rules which should be followed, these rules might be different from the countries you have been before but thats the point right? why are we traveling? to experience the different things. To read about these policies and rules click here.

Let me ask you a question, in which country it is ok to take photos of military sites? well none, so if you know the general rules and get to know the culture of the country you will very much be welcomed and you will enjoy your time in that wonderful country. how ever as mentioned above for some nationalities there are some restrictions which you can read here.

we highly recommend you to give up your background information which are generally from internet (that is absolutely a very reliable source indeed) and ask the people who have been to Iran or join to some communities with comments from those people who visited Iran, with all respect to news websites, these sources are highly motivated by politics, while traveling and getting to know people is the farthest thing from politics (even if based on the experience the conversations between the foreigners and local people almost all the times include politics).

We are here to answer any questions you have, so read our FAQ and feel free to contact us in case you need any further info or even any kind of help, it will be an honor for us to get in touch with you.

We have to clarify all of services is about/for the people with the intentions of tourism and/or visiting, any other political intentions for/against any government or third party is highly condemned by our policies so lets say :

WE HAVE NO POLITICAL SERVICES AND/OR ACTIVITIES in any country and we politely request our costumers to read our policies and follow them for their own safety.

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