frequently asked questions about traveling to Iran (a trip to Iran)

FAQ What is the emergency numbers in Iran?

Police : 110

Emergency : 115

Flight info : 199

Railway info : 1539

Firefighting : 125

What is the time difference?FAQ

+ 3:30 GMT

when is the best time to travel to Iran?

Depending on your desired route , you better keep in mind that the winter season is not the best choice to travel to northwest of country as it gets freezing cold , however if you are interested in skiing, professional  climber or winter sport  then that is a different topic , else the best time to visit this part of country is from April to October , but for the southern parts the best time the winter season.

Can i use my mobile phone and SIM Card  in Iran?FAQ

For most of nationalities it is possible to use their home country SIM Cards in Iran , except very few ones like Brazil . Anyhow our suggestion is to buy an Iranian SIM Card here. you van chose 2 main operators named Irancell (MTN) and  Hamrahe  Aval(MCI) which are quite cheap (only 4$) and you can recharge the
credit as you use .

What is the internet access like in Iran?FAQ

Irancell and Hamrehe Aval operators can provide 4G internet service in every where of Iran.This way you will save money and you will have you internet.

FAQ What will it cost for a…?
1.5 litre bottle of water = .60 $
Bottle of local beer = 2$
Street food = 1.5$
Meal at an inexpensive restaurant = 6$
Meal at a mid-range restaurant = 14 $